African Grey Dies! – Don’t Let It Be Your Parrot

If your African Grey Parrot is let out of his cage during the day, and I hope he is, then you need to be aware of the possible dangers he may face.

The kitchen is a particularly dangerous place. There are so many hazards there, a sink full of hot water and dirty dishes, frying pans or any kind of pot or pan for that matter that are extremely hot and may or may not have a lot of really hot oil in them, toasters and what about sharp knives? The kitchen is a really dangerous place for your bird especially if he gets left on his own in there.

Pesticides and medicines, just as with children, need to be kept well out of the reach of your parrot. As I am sure you well know parrots are inquisitive creatures and always like to get into anything and everything they can, so be careful.

If you like to take your bird into the bathroom while you bathe then don’t leave him there on his own. He could easily fly or perhaps climb or fall into the bath and drown.

Ceiling fans are another danger if your bird is out of his cage on a regular basis. Fish tanks or aquariums unless they are covered are also a potential threat to the well being of your bird. It only takes a few seconds of inattention for disaster to strike.

Make sure you have no loose electrical cables lying on the floor that your Grey can get to. It doesn’t take much of an imagination to realise what could happen.

Parrots can eat a wide variety of foods but there are some that are dangerous such as avocado, chocolate, alcohol and mouldy food to name just a few.

If you have indoor plants check that they do not pose a threat to your bird. If you are not sure about them check with your friendly nursery man.

Bird toys can also be a hazard. Always check that they are safe. Make sure if they are painted, it’s non-toxic. Ensure there are no loose fine threads that can get wrapped around your birds leg or toes.

If you have any larger pets like a dog or a cat you need to be sure if you allow your bird out of his cage that he is safe. Any and all pet interactions really need to be supervised and under no circumstances should they all be left together and alone.

There are a lot of things to think about when trying to make sure that your home really is a safe environment for your African Grey but it really is just commonsense and if you are ever not sure just think what you would need to do to keep your 18 month old child safe and you should be fine.

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