Choosing a Parrot
Tips and hints on how to go about choosing the most suitable parrot for you. Parrots are definitely not a one size fits all. Size and availability of space are important factors as is proximity to neighbors and more…

General Parrot Care
There is no two ways about it. Parrots can be hard work and they do take a lot of your time depending on the species of parrot you bought. Cage cleaning, regular feeding as well as time spent with your bird all form part of the parrot owners life and more…

Parrot Health
A healthy parrot is a happy parrot. In the wild parrots are prey to larger birds and other predators and it is definitely survival of the fittest. So if your parrot is sick your pet will do its utmost to show no signs of it. In the wild signs of weakness inevitably result in death. Learn what to look for so that you will be prepared.

Parrot Food

Learn how to provide your parrot with a balanced diet. Parrots need more than seed to survive and thrive! Your bird will eat most of the things you eat with a few notable dangerous exceptions.

Parrot Training
Just as you would train a new dog in your home to behave around people and be socially acceptable so too should your parrot be trained. Learn how to socialize your bird with your family, potty train him and more…

Parrot Cages
Your parrot’s cage is his home although hopefully he won’t spend too much time in it. But it still needs to be the right size for your type of bird. Learn how to choose the correct cage and furnish it with the toys and perches your parrot will love.

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