Bird Toys: After You Buy Your Parrot A Cage Don’t Forget To Furnish It With Bird Toys

Bird toys are a very important aspect of your bird cage. Don’t just take a cage home and think that’s all you have to do. Parrots are highly intelligent creatures and need plenty of stimulation. The ideal stimulation of course is with you, the owner and flock leader, but when you can’t be around you need to ensure your parrot is still kept busy.

Most pet shops and some big supermarkets sell bird toys which range from the inexpensive to the relatively very expensive. These toys range in size from very small, suitable for budgies, cockatiels and the like, to much bigger ones for the bigger parrots right up to the macaw. Choose the medium sized toys for your african grey.

These toys come in all different shapes and colors. Remember the more colorful the toy the greater the likelyhood of your bird exploring and playing with it. But, remember to introduce new toys slowly to allow your bird time to get used to it. Start by placing the toy in sight but out of the cage so your bird gets interested in it. Then gradually over time move the toy closer to the cage and then into the cage.

Before allowing your pet to play with any toys check there are no dangerous bits on it like string or fine rope which might get caught around his foot or perhaps a bit of a bell that could wedge in his mouth.

Variety may be the spice of life but don’t clutter your bird’s cage with too many toys at any one time. Do keep plenty on hand though so you can rotate the ones you hang in his cage on a regular basis so he doesn’t lose interest.

You can also try your hand at making your own bird toys. It really is very easy and does not have to be anything fancy or expensive. Empty toilet rolls, plastic pill bottles, small cardboard boxes and the like make ideal “throwaway” toys for your bird.

You can also buy toys now that you can hide food in to make it more interesting for your pet. Hiding food in the toys makes playing with the toy more interesting and also encourages them to use their brain. African greys are extremely intelligent birds and can figure things out very quickly.

You can make play time more interesting by teaching your bird words as he plays with his toys. These birds are quite capable of learning colors and counting. Just remember, intelligent as they are, it all still takes a lot of time and patience.

Remember, bird toys with lots of color, lots of different shapes and materials and frequent changes all help to ensure you have a happy healthy african grey parrot.

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