Parrot Recipes

Parrots like to eat a variety of foods and they especially like to eat what you eat. So here are some recipes that both you and your bird can enjoy, so . . . enjoy.

Wheetbran muffins….

500g of wheetbran
1 tin of sweetcorn
2 eggs and their shells 1 cup of fresh raw vegetables

Use muffin microwave dish
Mix everything together
Crush up egg shells ver well
Keep in an air tight container in the fridge
Take out enough for 1 muffin when you need it
Bake on high for 2 minutes.

Bean vegetable pasta.

1 vegetable cup – a soup
1 cup of fresh vegetables
1 cup of pasta… use fun shapes !
add a little cinnamon or nutmeg

Boil the water and make cup a soup
Cook the fresh vegetables
Cook the pasta till soft
Mix it all together and freeze it in ice trays
Take out as much as you want to use — heat in the microwave
Serve it luke warm.

Egg casserole.

Scramble 1 egg with the shell on
10 mls of rice — 2 teaspoons
15 mls of raisens
4 or 5 crushed peanuts
Pinch of nutmeg
5 mls of cheese

Mix everything together
Spoon into a microwave dish
cover th mixture with cling wrap
Cook on high for 2 minutes
Spoon into an ice cube tray or keep in fridge
Take out what you need
Serve luke warm.


1 medium sized smoke haddock cut into pieces
1 cup of rice
3 tablespoons of butter
2 hard boiled eggs

Boil the haddock in a pan
Cook the rice in a saucepan
heat the butter, add the pieces of haddock and rice and mashed egg
Cook through
Place in an air tight container in the fridge
Take out and heat when you need it.

Egg and rice.

Hard boil 2 eggs
Take eggs out and boil 2 tablespoons of rice in the water
Mash the eggs and the rice
Spoon into an ice tray or keep in an air tight container in the fridge
Use when needed.

Ice trays are very handy for bird size portions of food , you can freeze what you want them to eat and its simple to take it out and thaw as much as you need.

Sugar cane can be cut into small pieces and frozen so that when it is out of season, you still have some in the freezer for them to enjoy.

Fruit and vegetables should be offered every day, fresh and colourful,for them to enjoy !

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Hi, my name is Duncan Smith and I am a passionate parrot owner. I set this site up to help others care properly for their parrots.
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